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The University of Texas at Austin
Kinsolving Residence Hall
2605 Whitis Avenue
Austin TX 78705

27th Street Garage 109 27th Street
Speedway Garage 105 27th Street

Great Texas Women
Christia V Daniels Adair - Teacher and Activist
Suzanne Ahn - Neurologist and Activist
Consuelo “Chelo” Gonzalez Amezcua - Artist
Jessie Andrews - Scholar and Poet
Angelina - Translator
Gloria Anzaldua - Author and Activist
Mollie Bailey - Circus Owner
Annie Webb Blanton - Teacher and Politician
Mary Bonner - Artist
Margaret Heffernan Borland - Independent Rancher
Maria del Carmen Calvillo - Rancher
Kalpana Chawla - Astronaut
Mother Madeleine Chollet - First Superior General
Maud Cuney-Hare - Musician, Author, and Playwright
“Arizona” Juanita Dranes - Gospel Musician
Clara Driscoll - Philanthropist and Author
Almetris Marsh Duren - Mentor and Advisor
Catherine Munson Foster - Author and Storyteller
Marsha Gomez - Sculptor
Bette Graham - Inventor and Businesswomen
Oveta Culp Hobby - Journalist and Philanthropist
Ima Hogg - Philanthropist
Jovita Idar - Journalist and Teacher
Claudia Alva Taylor “Lady Bird” Johnson - First Lady
Lizzie Johnson (Williams) - Cattle Baroness
Janis Joplin - Singer
Barbara Jordan - Politician
Henrietta King - Rancher
Olga Bernstein Kohlberg - Activist and Civic Leader
Ninfa Laurenzo - Restaurateur
Jane Long - “Mother of Texas”
Jane Y. McCallum - Suffragist, Politician, and Author
Martha McWhirter - Women’s Advocate
Adah Isaacs Menken - Actress
Carrie Marcus Neiman - Businesswomen
Elisabet Ney - Sculptor
Lucy Parsons - Labor Organizer
Anna Pennybacker - Teacher, Author, and Activist
Selena Quintanilla Perez - Singer
Katherine Anne Porter - Author
Ann Richards - Governor
Katherine Stinson - Pilot
Marjorie Stinson - Pilot and Instructor
Emma Tenayuca - Labor Leader
Leonor Villegas de Magnon - Author
Elise Waerenskjold - Author and Journalist
“Babe” Didrikson Zaharias - Athlete

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